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Man first ascended to the skies in a hot air balloon on the 21st November 1783, the balloon was made of paper and the heating source was a straw bonfire. The oldest form of flight is now more popular than ever, you and your friends can drift over the countryside in the basket of a hot air balloon. Floating effortlessly, you are at one with the wind, the earth and sky.

Hot air balloons offer romantic adventure and a unique way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Best of all, balloonists form a community unlike any other. We love this sport and invite you to join us. If you’ve ever dreamed about flying a balloon, here is our plan for making your dream come to life.

Try it! Most people who decide to try ballooning have gazed at one floating silently over the countryside just before sunset. Or, they have gone to a balloon event and gotten goose bumps watching a balloon envelope rise to the size of a ten-story building as the roaring flame of its burner breathes life into it.

The yearning to be in the basket as it lifts away from the earth in defiance of gravity is almost irresistible.

Typical Costs

Even while you’re dreaming, a little practicality is a good thing – when it comes to money, good used balloons begin at about £8,000, while you can expect to pay about £20,000 for a new one. Larger or more elaborate balloons range from £25,000 to £40,000 or more.

  • Flight training for a private pilot’s license (£2,800-£3,800)
  • Balloon insurance (£1,200/year)
  • Inflation fan (£1,200-£2,000)
  • 2-Way radios (optional, but very useful)
  • Recovery vehicle (pick-up truck, trailer or van)
  • Fuel (£30-£40/flying hour)
  • Champagne (for those post-flight celebrations!)

Books about ballooning:

  • ‘Ballooning’ by Dick Wirth, edited by Per Lindstrand

Ballooning organisations:

  • For the UK, the British Balloon and Airship Club (BBAC) can be a great way to start.

Key Facts About Lindstrand Technologies:

  • Per Lindstrand has been building balloons in Oswestry since 1975.
  • Lindstrand Technologies, is a 100%-owned by Per Lindstrand.
  • The company is based in Oswestry, Shropshire.
  • Lindstrand Technologies offers a full range of EASA type certified sport, commercial, ride balloons.
  • At Lindstrand we believe “fun” should come as standard equipment on every balloon we build.

“How can I do that?”

There are professional balloon rides companies in almost every country offering balloon rides. Typically, a balloon ride will last for 1 hour. Usually arrangements can be made with 1-to-2 week’s notice. A balloon ride can be a great way to try ballooning.

If you have caught the ballooning bug, a great way of becoming more involved is to volunteer to be a crew member. Crew members assist with inflation, participate in the “retrieve”, help pack up after landing and join in the post- flight celebration. While you may not fly right away, you will have a chance to get some hands-on experience and a chance to share the fun of a ballooning adventure. Eventually your opportunity to fly is usually a reward for your crewing effort.

Call or visit the Lindstrand factory, we can refer you to a pilot in your area that would be happy to have you along as crew.

There are about as many shapes, sizes and designs of balloons as there are people. Picking out the one that is “right” for you is part of the fun. Your decision should be based on your needs, after you have become aware of what is available. A used balloon can be a good way to get into the sport although you will want to have it inspected before you buy. For further advice please feel free to contact the factory.