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Signature Series


The Signature Series is a range of hot air balloons designed for the 21st century. We understand that these days hot air balloons have a variety of missions, whether it’s a hard working passenger carrying balloon, a flying advert for a blue chip company or a competitor at the top of their game, or just someone who shares our passion for lighter than air flight.

Envelope Volume:

17,000 – 425,000 cu ft

Number of Gores:

24, 28, 32

FAI Class:

AX7, AX8, AX9, AX10

  • Series 1-17 to Series 1-105 (24 Gore Envelopes inc Nomex Scoop)
  • Series 1-120 to Series 1-180 (24 Gore Envelopes inc Nomex Scoop and Turning Vents)
  • Series 1-210 (28 Gore Envelope inc Nomex Scoop and Turning Vents)
  • Series 1-240 to Series 1-360 (28 Gore Envelopes inc Nomex Scoop, Turning Vents & FDS (fastvent)
  • Series 1-400 to Series 1-425 (32 Gore Envelopes inc Nomex Scoop, turning vents & FDS (fastvent)



Equipment Features

  • Standard fabric is high tenacity woven ripstop nylon with a soft polyurethane fluorocarbon elastomeric coating
  • Optional Hytech taffeta weave heavier nylon base cloth with a silicone elastomeric coating
  • Wide range of colour options, including metallic
  • Braided Kevlar rope
  • Polyester braided cord

Equipment Features

  • Aluminium crown ring
  • 3-4 mm RHOL construction, AISI 316 stainless steel cables
  • Copper ferrules
  • Talurit system swaging process
  • Coating material contains an anti-fungal ingredient to inhibit the growth of mould or black spot


From time to time we have stock envelopes available.  These are complete and on-the-shelf ready to go.  Typically these will be in the 80,000 cu ft. to 105,000 cu ft. range.  If you’re looking for a balloon that is ready to go, it is worth contacting the sales team to see what stock is currently available.


  • Accessories
  • Signature Series
  • Double T-Wide Basket
  • Single T Basket
  • Series Racer
  • Expedition Series
  • Envelopes
  • Double T Basket
  • Baskets
  • Fuel Cylinders
  • Vortech Burners
  • Nomad Lightweight Basket

Get A Free Quote / Create Your Balloon

Use our new Balloon Configurator!

As part of our new website for the Signature Series, we are including some very powerful tools to assist our clients design their own balloon. Whether it’s for a client who needs a quick idea for a balloon, or designing your own personal flying machine we have the tools to assist you. Of course if you want a fully rendered visual, then you can still contact our design team.